meet with SINCARE

17 June 2019

Sincare Lace Industrial, founded in 1989, designs and produces stretch laces and jacquard knits for the lingerie market. Annual sales are over US$14 million. The factory, located in Changle in the Fujian province, has over 20,000m2 of buildings and a workforce of 150.

Sincare Lace’s production capacity is 83 tons per month. The company currently produces 1,000 tons monthly and has a 50 ton storage capacity. The factory is equipped with 50 Karl Mayer knitting machines including Raschel RSJ 4/1 and 5/1 warp knitting machines, RJSC 5/2 double jacquard machines, and high-speed RSE machines for stretch tulle.
The dynamic, innovative Sincare Lace boasts a high-performance R&D team that develops new products. The company uses rigorous standards for sourcing yarns and raw materials and prioritises respected suppliers in order to guarantee that Sincare Lace customers have the best quality laces and jacquard fabrics. Sincare Lace exports all of its output: 40 percent to Korea, 40 percent to Russia, 10 percent to India, and 10 percent to Bangladesh. A sales office is located in Dubai, and Walmart is one of the company’s biggest clients.

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