10 October 2018

Bio-Sourced and Recycled Laces

Iluna has created two “sustainable” product lines: EcoFashion, made exclusively from GRS (Global Recycle Standard)-certified materials, and Green Label, made from recycled Roica™ Eco-Smart elastane fiber, paired with the new, latest-generation polyamide yarns.

The Interfeel’ Awards jury loves the ecological commitment, the certified sustainable yarns and treatments and the originality of designs.

About Illuna Group

Iluna Group starts in 1969 founded by Luigi Annovazzi first producing molded cups for bras and became a specialist in stretch laces production. Today Iluna is a reference point in the international market for lace and offers innovative and responsible products.

Located within a natural park setting, this company – which recently obtained the SteP d’Oeko-Tex certification – maintaining rigorous production standards.

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