6 April 2017

  1. Underwires. These hold and separate the breasts, encapsulating them for enhanced comfort (eliminating perspiration “channels”) and good freedom of movement.
  2. Back. Racer-back or crossover straps offer excellent freedom of movement: the most comfortable and practical choices for all types of sport.
  3. Cups. Choose the right size, a soft and breathable fabric, flat or external seams.
  4. Straps. Extra-wide straps prevent twisting, padded or soft straps for comfort, ergonomic straps for effective support.
  5. Seams. A source of irritation and discomfort, they should be avoided in sports bras. New flat or seamless technologies allow for optimal discretion.
  6. Style. Sports bras offer the best support with firm-hold cups. By compressing the breasts, cropped tops offer support level 5.
  7. Support. Varies according to the sport and its impact on the chest. Rated from 1 to 5, or by intensity level (low-medium-high), support is the most important of all selection criteria.
  8. Fabrics. Whether synthetic or natural, labelled or in-house, plain or patterned, shaping, breathable and/or heat-regulating, what matters is their functional performance.
  9. Size. 70% of women are unaware of their actual bra-size. Band-size is determined by measuring beneath the breasts and the circumference of the thorax at the widest point. Measuring round the fullest point of the bust gives the cup-size.
  10. Patented and protected, innovative designs and constructions are capable of reducing breast bounce from 5 or 6cm (braless) down to 1cm with suitable underwear.

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