INNOVATION ENCOUNTERS: SensElast 3D Printing Technology Global Launch

7 August 2019

SensElast 3D Printing Technology Global Launch

September 27th @ 11.30 AM- 12.15
Interfiliere Shanghai

Speaker: Xianming MEI

Xianming Mei, the president of Tengfei Technology Co., ltd, has been dedicated to public welfare and recived the honorary title of “National Elite in Social Poverty Alleviation”.

SensElast 3D printing is an applied technology, which is based on special material and printing process to create the 3D printing effect on fabric to change the fabric inherent characteristic and endow the fabric with special decorative and supportive function.

As the “architect” of fabric fiber, such groundbreaking technology gives fabrics better support and shaping effect, which can be widely used in women’s lingerie, functional sportswear, protective gears etc. In addition, after 2000 times of stretch and anti-fatigue test, the fabric relaxation remains stable and the recovery rate is as high as 99.5%.


1. How did you get involved in the lingerie industry? Could you share your entrepreneurial experience?

I left my hometown in Jiangxi at the end of the 1980s, and worked in Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places. Starting as an ordinary employee, I gradually became a salesperson, a department head, and a corporate partner. In 1997, I created Teng Fei Fashion Shoulder Padding Products Co., Ltd. At first, we just manufactured fashion shoulder pads. Then by coincidence, I met a customer who consulted bra mold-cup business. Although not familiar with this product, I conducted in-depth market research and found out that there were no professional enterprises engaging in the R&D and manufacture of bra mold-cup in China while the global lingerie market was growing rapidly at that time. I believed that huge business opportunities were hidden behind the bra mold-cup business, so I decided to give it a try and started my career in the lingerie industry.


2.  Tengfei will showcase its “SensElast 3D Innovative Printing Technology” for the first time in Interfiliere Shanghai in September right after its launch of the “SOLA Polymeric Fiber Bra Mold-Cup” in Interfiliere Hong Kong in March. How does Teng Fei continue to achieve technological innovation and breakthrough?

The traditional processing with supplied materials or designs can only make enterprises stay at the bottom of the smiling curve. To gain high-added values, enterprises must manage to climb up to the both ends of such curve. In recent years, Tengfei has accelerated its pace in transforming from traditional processing to the introduction, innovation and R&D of high-tech. By taking leading technological innovation in the industry as its own mission, Tengfei continuously increases investment in R&D, and actively cooperates with universities and research institutions at home and abroad to establish a world-class research team. From the first generation of seamless one-piece molded bra, to the second generation of seamless adhesive film bonding technology, the third generation of seamless SensElast technology, the fourth generation of E-Fretch technology, the fifth generation of SOLA polymeric fiber cup technology, the sixth generation of smart wear technology as well as the development of the latest 3D printing technology, Teng Fei continues to lead the industry’s technological innovation and breakthrough.


3. What’s the market development strategy adopted by Tengfei?

Teng Fei constantly drives its development via technology innovation. Externally, we set up joint R&D institution worldwide. Internally, we establish an innovative technology conversion center to convert rich technical reserves into productivity and economic benefits in a non-stop way. Based on our rich technical reserves, we will develop Tengfei into the world’s largest open platform for technology and brand output. By authorizing its innovative technologies to global companies involved in various fields in the form of patents, Tengfei, by outputting technologies, management and standards to these authorized companies, includes them into its ecosystem. Tengfei’s strong innovation capability will continue to enable enterprises in various industries to integrate into Tengfei and form a symbiotic and win-win ecosystem, during which, enterprises can expand their own revenues while bring benefits to other enterprises, forming a virtuous circle.


4. What is the importance of innovation and intelligence for the development of enterprises and the lingerie industry?

In 2003, Tengfei Technology officially stepped into the lingerie manufacturing industry by carrying the development concept of “intelligence, technology, quality and innovation”, which also marked a significant milestone for its transformation from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing. Most of the customers of Tengfei Technology are well-known enterprises with a large scale and standardised management at home and abroad. To become their outstanding and qualified partner, Tengfei Technology must develop into an industry leader with outstanding management ability and quick response. Only when lingerie enterprises change to smart manufacturing can we become modern eco-friendly enterprises with a shorter response period, reduced resource consumption, improved quality and efficiency, and lower operating cost.


5. What is your opinion on the development of the current lingerie market in the next 5 years?

In 2018, the size of the female lingerie market in China was about RMB 161.1 billion. However, the per capita consumption amount of female lingerie in China is still at a low level with an annual per capita consumption of USD 20.2, only about 1/4 of that of some developed countries in Europe and the US. With the awakening of the awareness of underwear consumption among domestic Chinese women and the introduction of international consumption concepts, there will be a large development space for domestic lingerie market in the next 5 years. I think the lingerie market will go through segmentation. Underwear will be further divided based on different scenarios, ages, functions, preferences, etc. “Comfort, health, and intelligence” will be the development trend of the future lingerie market. Take female bra as an example. The market size of the popular push-up bra with wire has been shrank sharply under the influence of the leading trend of “health” in recent two years, and its market share has been quickly occupied by wire-less bras. Tengfei will continue to develop various functional and smart underwear according to market demands to meet the various needs of people in the new era.


6. As an exhibitor who has worked with Interfiliere for many years, what is the synergy effect that can be brought to you?

On the one hand, Interfiliere enjoys a high international reputation and participating in Interfiliere will provide Tengfei with an opportunity to showcase a brand new image of Chinese technology-based company on an international stage. With this platform, Tengfei will be able to grasp the market trend, collect industry information, and attract a large number of potential customers in a quick and comprehensive way. On the other hand, the participation of Tengfei in Interfiliere will turn the exhibition into a more professional and fashionable event filled with technology.



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